9 Modern Graphic Design Trends in 2020

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9 Modern Graphic Design Trends in 2020


9 Modern Graphic Design Trends in 2020

Introduction  of Graphic Design:

Graphic design is a complex art. To become a graphic designer, you need to master many different skills and tools. Graphic-design is the process of formatting, illustration, and photography. This product involves around symbols, images, and texts that are created and combined to form visual representations of ideas and messages. Almost every business entrepreneur or creative web designers are eager to get things accomplished in a day.

Reason Why Businesses Need To Make Graphic Design Priority
When it comes to the website design of your business, it is essential for you to ensure that you have the right balance of text and graphics to invoke positive first impressions. A better website means more leads and sales conversion. If you are a business owner, you will find that the use of graphics is essential for you to invoke positive impressions in the mind of the targeted audience.
The process of graphic design begins with a graphic designer. He or she will understand your business message and attempt to convert the concept into an expressive and artistic manner. The process starts with typography and may go up to outstanding graphics that project on your computer screen. In one way, you can see your business message innovatively transformed into a graphical representation. That means it becomes a useful tool for advertising and promoting your business.
APPEDOLOGY designs your brand identities and creative marketing strategies capturing people’s imagery. Since branding goes hand in hand with graphic designing,

Current Graphic Design Tools:
The following are some of the top web and graphic design tools.
•    Adobe photoshop.
•    Adobe illustrator.
•    Sublime Text Editor.
•    Canva.

Latest Graphic Design ideas:
•    Muted Color Palettes.
•    Color Gradients.
•    Abstract & Dreamy Illustrations.
•    Heavy Simple Fonts.
•    Flowing Lines & Shapes.
•    Genuine & Authentic Stock Photos.
•    Minimalist Landing Pages.
•    Better Branded Animations.

New Graphic Design Trend for 2020:
2020 is all about innovative typography,3D realism, metallic textures, geometric designs and liquid patterns. Learning new skills is one of the most satisfying and frustrating things you can do as a designer, but if you give yourself the time and space to do this, the design will soon feel like second nature to you.  Undoubtedly, graphic design has always been a field of deep admiration and a huge inspiration to many and we all can’t wait to see what awaits.

Graphic design trends 2020 are here and about to steal your heart!

  •    3D depth and realism
  •    Going monochrome
  •     Shiny metals
  •     Typography craze
  •     Image and text masking
  •     Collages of drawings and photos
  •     Simplified illustrations
  •     Isometric illustrations
  •     Patterns and textures

3D Depth and Realism
In 2020, we will keep seeing more awesome 3D graphic design compositions. Depth perception is defined as “the visual ability to perceive the world in three dimensions (3D) and the distance of an object.”  We are seeing designers enter a brave new world that combines the best of both realism and flat design. By pairing 3D objects and textures with minimalistic elements, they bridge the gap between the simplicity of flat design and the visual complexity and uniqueness of realism.

Going monochrome
Simple is in! Do you remember the enthusiastic use of duotone from a few years ago? Well, there has been a shift to using a monochrome filter by many graphic designers as of late. A monochrome color filter is widely used on photos or partial elements in the graphic composition.

Shiny Metals
Lately, we’ve been seeing a rise in the use of the metallic effect in graphic design, and we believe the trend will keep being popular in 2020. Whether gold, silver, bronze, or iridescence, shining metals will often be combined with engraving, as well. We’re noticing the designers mostly use gold – it conveys luxury, class, and good taste.

Typography craze
Typography is the visual component of the written word. A text is a sequence of words. A text stays the same no matter how it’s rendered. Designers are playing with typography big time. This trend is expected to flourish in 2020.

Image and Text masking
In 2020, designers will keep creating compositions with image and text masking, of course, sticking to maxi typography for the latter in order to achieve the desired effect.

Collages of drawings and photos
A collage is not only made from magazine pictures. In the world of fine art, it refers to a work made with various small objects sometimes with paint sometimes without. The word can also be used to mean a collection of different things. The innovative trend is definitely one we will be seeing in 2020.

Simplified illustrations
The definition of an illustration is a picture or a drawing or the act of creating the drawing or is an example used to explain or prove something. In 2020, illustrations in design will often look oversimplified, sketchy, and even… childish.

Isometric illustrations
Isometric illustrations are one of the most popular graphic design trends right now. This means we’ll be seeing this style quite often on posters, ads, web designs, landing pages, and other digital and print designs. The isometric style is the technique of depicting a 3D model on a 2D surface.
This means we’ll be seeing this style quite often on posters, ads, web designs, landing pages, and other digital and print designs.

Patterns and textures
Pattern relates to the repetition of a graphic motif on a material. Remember that texture refers to the 2D quality of a surface, whereas a pattern relates to illustrative perception.

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