iOS vs Android Development Future In 2021

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iOS vs Android Development Future In 2021


iOS vs Android Development Future In 2021

What is Android? Is it worth learning in 2020/2021?

Google’s Android operating system is everywhere. 

Android is an operating system for mobiles based on Linux kernel and other open-source software, and designed for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Android TV for televisions and Wear OS for wearables, both developed by Google. 

Android leads the global smartphone market with 80% of overall smartphone sales. Professionals with certified expertise in Android App Development are still being hired much faster than professionals in any other mobile tech. 

Advantages of Android

It makes sense to take up Android development as a career for the following reasons:

It is the most widely used operating system and the highest-selling mobile operating system with over 1 billion users. Since it is open-source, any cellular technology company or Android developer can use it to build apps. There are 2.8 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day.

App Review Process

With increasing worldwide adoption especially in the developing countries, Android’s review process for apps is fairly simple and it takes less time than iOS for an app to get approved for publishing on the play store. Also, Android has Google- integrated products and services such as Gmail, YouTube, and more.  

Google Play Store– The Huge App Market

Ever since Google launched Android 1.0 way back on 23rd September 2008 and its play store on 22nd October 2008, app development and downloads have only increased exponentially over the last twelve years. 

12 years later, we have witnessed the launch of Android 11, becoming the most popular mobile operating system in the world, leaving many competitors like Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm OS, webOS, and Windows Phone in the dust, leaving only Apple’s iOS as a serious competitor.

Does Android Development have a future?

Yes, for the following reasons:

5G Technology

Fifth-generation mobile phone internet technology – 5G will allow much faster Internet data transfers. If 4G technology networks offer a maximum speed of 45 Mbps on average, 5G uses radio waves and allows more mobile phones to log on to the Internet through the same host.

Though 5G standard protocol of not yet determined, people will enjoy VR content in a more realistic, faster way. This will depend on how much mobile app development companies are investing in the mast and transmitter, and which spectrum band is using 5G. App developer will be focused on 5G allowing people to download large files and HD movies in minutes.

AR and VR Technology

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are not new concepts, and in 2021, there will be widespread expansion of these two technologies. Futuristic marketers and businesses are already getting an impact on sales, by using these two android app development technologies. In 2021, the android mobile app development company is expected to create a more immersive AR and VR mobile experiences. There is also development work and predictions of better and more compatible hardware on the market.


Android app development companies are also focusing on M-Commerce so the consumer no longer has to go to banks to deposit or transfer money anymore. People are already using payment applications such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Paytm. M-Commerce will further develop in 2021 and payment applications will become one of the on-demand mobile applications in 2021. 

IoT Applications

The growth of any business depends on IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The Internet of things are physical objects (things) embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet. App development agencies will use the Internet of Things to organize equipment. Smartwatches and Smartphones determine heart rate and steps taken, such instances of usage multiplies the chances of success of IoT technology. Smart gadgets also hold many features that are part of mobile apps, IoT applications will have automated user control and convenience that can bring everything in one click from users.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Android app development companies are adding artificial intelligence technologies in mobile apps taking mobile app development to the next level, in 2021.

  • AI technology improves user engagement day by day and saves resources, time, and money for businesses by automating routine tasks. The Workflow pressure of android app development companies themselves will decrease because of this technology by establishing infrastructure for coders. Artificial Intelligence can detect human behavior and response through mobile applications creating better user experiences. Also through AI, mobile applications will connect with users on a deeper level.

Custom Android App Development

The progressive development of custom android apps helps improve the efficiency of many businesses. It allows easy access to real-time information on any device anytime and anywhere. Custom Android applications are developed by professionals, hence they provide better security and support to users. They also are the best option for maintaining the growing demands of industrial needs.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a system of recording information so securely that it becomes difficult or impossible to change, hack, or cheat the system. It is essentially a digital ledger of transactions duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the Blockchain. Blockchain makes bitcoins dynamic, facilitates transfers between bitcoins, and records all given transactions. Compared to the PayPal transaction system, which has had instances of people steal user data at any time from it that would be impossible in a Blockchain system. Developers are working on improving this technology for android applications to provide more security. As crypto currencies popularity increases, banks and government will also invest in blockchain technology.

Hence, intelligent android app development companies will follow this technology and work with it in the future.

Our current generations cannot spend even limited amounts of time without an android mobile application being used on their phones. High-end android app development android requires understanding of programming languages & coding skills. Technically sound mobile apps are only achievable with an experienced team of developers who have complete know-how of application development frameworks.

The year 2021 is going to be full of technological advancements. Make sure that your business & app are at par with emerging technologies.

Is becoming an Android developer a good career in 2021?

You can make a very competitive income, and build an absolutely satisfying career as an Android developer. Android is still the most used mobile operating system in the world, and the demand for skilled Android developers remains very high. 


Advantages of developing Android apps

  • Android apps are open system and developers receive access to more features, which are often restricted in iOS apps.
  • Android developers use Google design guidelines extensively for developing an intuitive user interface.
  • No other operating system is as fragmented as Android. Some users believe that fragmentation is not a drawback but a competitive advantage. But it allows you to develop apps for a broader range of devices, including wearables, TVs, in-car systems, and more.
  • Compared to iOS, Android apps are easier to publish to Google Play.  The whole process may take just a few hours.

Disadvantages of Android app development

  • Remember fragmentation? It may also be an Android drawback, because devices come in different screen sizes, resolutions, etc. and development teams often need more time to adjust app’s features for different devices.
  • Android has so many versions and devices that it takes more time for QA specialists to test apps.
  • The longer development and testing takes, the development cost rises. Cost also depends on the app’s features and complexity.


IOS App Development

What is iOS? Is it worth learning in 2020/2021?

iOS is the mobile operating system for Apple-manufactured devices. iOS runs on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. It is famous for being the underpinning software that allows iPhone users to interact with their phones using gestures such as swiping, tapping and pinching. 

As the demand for Apple products increases, so does the demand for iOS developers. Becoming an iOS developer takes some effort, so there is often a talent shortage which helps to drive salaries higher, even for entry-level positions. 

Advantages of iOS

The first version of iOS was released on 29 June 2007. The current stable version, iOS 14, was released last month on September 16, 2020. It brought many user interface changes, including the ability to place widgets on the home screen, a compact UI for both Siri and phone calls, and the ability to change both the default web browser and email apps. iOS is used for iPhone devices while iWatch and iPad have a different operating system named watchOS and iPadOS respectively.

iOS is the second most used mobile operating system after Android and has generated $54 billion revenue in 2019 while the android app store generated $39 billion revenue in 2019. Most Apple users are from developed countries and have strong earning and spending potential. The Apple app store has above 2 million apps. The Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps available for download. Remember we said that 21% of Millennials open an app 50+ times per day. Imagine the potential!

App Review Process

Although the iOS app review process is more stringent and longer than Android, the additional checks only make Apple Store apps secure and allow users to feel safe purchasing or downloading. If a developed app requires specific settings, user account information, or special instructions, the developer has to include these details in the App Review Information section of App Store Connect. Leaving even the smallest detail out can stall the app review process may be delayed or cause it to be rejected.

After submission developers can check its status in the My Apps section of App Store Connect or on the App Store Connect App for iPhone and iPad. On average, 50% of apps are reviewed in 24 hours and 90% are reviewed in 48 hours but only for complete submissions. 

Does iOS Development have a future?

Although the launch of the 2021 iPhone lineup, is expected in the fall of 2021, leaks about the 2021 devices and iPhone 12 models are strong.

The 2021 iPhone lineup is expected to be similar to the 2020 iPhone lineup, with four devices in sizes that include 5.4-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.7-inches, with two of the iPhones being higher-end “Pro” models and two positioned as lower-cost, more affordable devices.

We can definitely count on camera improvements, a faster A-series processor, and a new 5G chip from Qualcomm. There might be small design changes, Apple may shrink the notch in 2021, creating a shallower notch with reduced height rather than reduced width. Also, it is predicted that at least one iPhone in 2021 may have a portless design relying entirely on wireless charging rather than Lightning port. 

With upgraded camera technology, we could also see improved stabilization and high-end 40 to 64-megapixel camera lenses, along with a four-camera setup. As for display technology, 2021 could be the year that Apple finally adopts 120Hz ProMotion displays for the iPhone lineup, made possible by a shift to low-power LTPO OLED technology.

Back to the question, does iOS development have a future? Yes, for the following reasons:

Apps for Foldable Phones

Samsung’s OLED display foldable phones, reinvented the game in mobile app development industry, making developers scurry to improve user experience on them.

Google started the groundwork in 2018, announcing foldable support on Android smartphones. Popular apps began optimizing to adjust to the new trend. 

Foldable phones are the old but new mobile technology, creating a future strategy makes complete sense if you partner with mobile app development services such as Appedology to develop a seamless app for foldable phones.

Machine Learning (Ml) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Since the last few years, ML and AI are one of the top mobile development trends. 

FaceApp is an example of AI, the app uses various filters to a user’s face on celebrity bodies onscreen and in different surroundings making the user will look older or younger, among other things. AI & ML in the future of iPhone app development because apps like Google Assistant and Cortana are already using it. 

Machine learning is the basis of business process automation and decision-making algorithms. Implementing ML in iOS applications leads to improved user engagements and keeps customers coming back for more. Machine Learning offers three primary algorithms: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning

These create industry-specific mobile app development like ML based fitness mobile apps, AI-based financial advisories, Healthcare, transportation, E-commerce mobile applications and more. Get the best from ML technology by hiring a Machine Learning Development Company experienced in the field of industrial automation.


Chatbots are an integral mobile app trends, they reduce the work of employees and improve the overall customer experience. Chatbots are capable of large scale cost savings in every industry.

 ‘My Starbucks Barista’ is the Starbucks chatbot app that you can order coffee from. Customers expect quick and precise answers, and chatbots can do so impeccably. 

Wearable Apps

Wearable apps are an integral part of the daily lives for many Millennials. The number of connected wearable devices is expected to reach 929 million in 2021. The wearable iOS app has devices like Apple Watch and Smartwatch. Right now healthcare devices are leading the market, but as mobile app development technologies advance, a wearable app seemed imminent for almost everything. Wearable apps exhibit complex features like display control, notifications, call management, and more. 

At Apple’s WWDC conference, they announced that apple watch apps will have soon have their own app store. This means that the apple watch is now an independent device that people can use and makes wearable apps something to look forward to in the future of iPhone app development.

IOT-Enabled Mobile Apps

We have explained in the Android portion of information what IOT means. Internet of Things is simply a network of interconnected smart devices.  Our daily life has become dependent upon IoT. IoT integrated iOS mobile app developers are working progressively on creating iOS mobile applications that can potentially connect with internet-enabled devices. IoT supports mobile app developers to embed better functionalities by establishing IoT connectivity.

Brands like Amazon and Google started using this technology to its full potential with the launch of the ‘Echo’. Voice control for multiple devices at home, the continuous supply chain in retail, and savvy health insurance plans are a reality with the help of IoT.

As the demand for IoT enabled devices steadily increases, major development work integrating it into iPhones is highly probable.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR)

An AR/VR mobile application developer utilizing ARToolkit ensures the app’s compatibility with VR gadgets display, exhibits creative content and offers a unique experience. With cutting-edge tools like ARKit, ARToolkit, NyARToolkit, Wikitude, amongst others, developers can provide scalability in iOS mobile apps with high performance. 

The Pokemon Go app is a great example of AR and VR is. Although it may have lost its immense popularity with gamers, but luckily for users and app developers, AR & VR are still as popular. AR/VR improves the gaming experience but has many other uses too such as Google Maps, in which Google plans to introduce a new AR feature offering directions from the phone’s camera in real-time. iOS is close behind in developing better apps for their line of technology.

Mobile Wallets

ApplePay is a prime example of mobile wallets and will continue to expand itself in terms of secure monetary dealing to allow more users to use mobile cash as opposed to real cash.

You can expect the demand for mobile wallets will rise because people prefer digital payment over cash transactions. Many brands are trying to offer a secure payment option to their users, so development work is inevitable.

Mobile App Security

Recent scandals around data leaks and information security have raised serious concerns. Security is the most important trend for iOS applications. iOS is the first choice among users due to its hardcore security layers and extremely secured policies. iOS mobile application takes care of customer’s data and removes even a small vulnerability with its every latest update.

People all over the world need reliable digital platforms to carry out day to day transactions. Digital security is a major concern in 2021 and is being prioritized all companies in their digital transformations. Already security focused iOS will keep developing features to strengthen its fortress approach. 

Beacons Technology

Beacons technology use can be explained with n examples of a supermarket. Large supermarket chains install beacons to know the footfalls in their store and time for the same. Accordingly, the supermarkets can change the placement of products and prepare offers too.

You can expect it to be seen more in the form of beacon-enabled airports, automated personal beacons, or mobile payment beacons. Beacons can also help in making information sharing smooth and secure.

Swift5 Programming

Swift5 is a source compatible with Swift4, Swift 4.1, Swift 4.2, and X code 10.2, the language is available for macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iOS and more. During the growing iOS users, the iOS development companies are moving towards using Swift5 Programming to get the best of it and great business impact.

Apple has released this with ABI (Application Binary Interface) and binary compatibility. The API stability of Swift 5 assists apps to behave and offer improved performance. One of the most important reason of choosing Swift 5 is that it because of its readability. It is simple to modify, write and read and it has a clean syntax that makes it unique.


Although the app development process becomes easier for developers with the launch of Swift 5.1, only developers who have immense of knowledge in Swift and in creating iOS apps will be able to handle the entire app building process easily and securely


Cloud Storage Development

Cloud architecture will still be a relevant trend in 2021, as a substantial number of enterprises are still in the process of adopting cloud-based solutions.

iOS uses cloud databases in some applications. In the case of Android, cloud technology plays a crucial role in developing instant apps (small sized native apps). Cloud technology helps store a great amount of data and complete complex tasks, and it is extremely secure and cost-efficient.


Mobile apps built on Cloud are able to run on both iOS and Android that leads to a wider audience. Cloud iOS applications can store important files, replicate documents, and backup devices.


Hiring a cloud mobile app development company for standardizing and consistent development, handling resource-intensive tasks, offloading heavy lifting to Cloud, and augmenting your mobile app with imaginative next-generation iOS app development services, helps your business stay progressive and keeps your data and processes safe.


Is becoming an iOS developer a good career in 2021?

Look at the increasing popularity of the iOS devices such as Apple’s iPhone, iPad, iPod, and the macOS platform, it is safe to say that a career in iOS application development is a very good career choice. There are immense job opportunities that provide good pay packages and even better career development or growth.


Advantages of developing Native iOS Apps

  • The apps are simple and fast to run compared to other operating systems and application types, such including web or cross-platform applications.
  • Native iOS apps utilize completely the internal functions and hardware of their devices. Customers find it easier to discover apps on App Store once they are approved and featured.
  • The App Store provides full support to native applications once they are accepted, including complete security to the app and to iOS users.
  • Native app developers have more convenience due to the availability of iOS unique software development kits (SDKs) and development tools
  • The iOS applications are closed sourced
  • App Store can handle your transactions on your behalf.


Disadvantages of developing Native iOS Apps

  • Native iOS projects are substantially more expensive for developers, compared to cross-platform and web applications, if the app supports a range of iOS devices, costs for updating and maintenance increase.
  • Being closed source, Mac OS X is needed to develop applications; they cannot be established on any other OS.
  • The process of getting an app authorized by the App Store is long and laborious; updates also need to be App Store authorized in order to be included there, and there is no guarantee that your app will be accepted and added to the App Store database
  • Due to variety in iOS device types, versions, and application versions, it is a challenging process for developer to provide full support to all application users.
  • If the application produces expenditures, 30 % goes to Apple’s App Store, consisting of all the in-app purchases.

Is it worth learning Android or iOS development in 2020? Let’s talk facts

It is hard to make a successful mobile apps that rake in millions, as there as in numerous mobile apps already in the Play Store and App Store. But as the industry is advancing exponentially, it is indispensable to keep up with the trends.

As mentioned previously, Android has always been on the top of the chain when you think about mobile application development. Android’s smartphone OS Market Share is at around 85%. Volumes are expected to grow at a five-year CAGR of 2.4%, with shipments approaching 1.41 billion in 2022. 

For in-app purchases, iOS generates 45% more revenue per user than Android. iOS users are also 10% more likely to make in-app purchases than Android users. If you’re developing games, then iOS/Android App will be more profitable than Web Design & Development. 


With all of the above information in hand, one thing is for sure, Android development is still a strong field and developers have their niche in the market. Whether you choose to follow this as a career path or opt for iOS development is a personal prerogative. Appedology is one of the fastest growing companies in the USA and we have always a willingness to adopt skilled developers if they have a passion for technology and the urge to go far. So go ahead with your choice and in time, if you fit our description for developers, come look us up, we would love to see your portfolio.

All the best!

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