Series A Investment: Everything You Must Know

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Series A Investment: Everything You Must Know


It's critical to finish your investment due diligence on the issue if you plan to raise venture financing for your firm. Understanding the critical must-knows of a Series A round can help you achieve your funding goals more successfully and ensure that you can offer the information your investors require.

Timing Matters

It's not only about having your ducks in a row and having your paperwork — and your business model — in order when you're ready to dive into the Series A investment pool. You'll also want to make certain that you're making your pitch at the appropriate time. For example, the months of November and December are notoriously tough to achieve your objectives.

You should also consider the time of year when your company will gain the most from soliciting funding. If you run a seasonal business, start fundraising as soon as you know you'll need the money to help you get through that crucial season.

Networking is Important to Succeed

You've spent a lot of effort cultivating a network of people who are committed to your company's overall success. It's now time to put that network to work for you, especially the folks with whom you've already established long-term ties.

Getting a company to invest in you does not happen immediately. You must earn trust over time, just as you would in any other relationship, by demonstrating that your company is reliable and capable.

Get a Compelling Narrative

One of your company's most essential selling features is your story. You don't want to merely provide raw numbers to potential investors; you want to give them a good look at your tale. Give potential investors a look at your business plan.

What is your background like, particularly the areas of your background that give you industry experience? So, what problems did you discover in the world that your company has the potential to solve? How do you aim to achieve that goal with your new company? What impact will your solution have on the world or how individuals approach similar situations in the future?

A Forbes article illustrates how telling a great story will entice potential investors to want to be a part of your story. “Humans are hardwired to adore a fantastic story,” says Mosaic co-founder and CEO Gerard Murphy. The more compelling your tale is, the more intrigued VCs will be.

Final Thoughts

Your startup fundraising activities are an important component of ensuring your company's success. You'll be better positioned to tackle the demands of Series A fundraising, getting the backing you need from investors, and promoting yourself as one of the newest up-and-coming members of your sector if you follow these essential guidelines.

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