Support Your Web Design with Smarter SEO

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Support Your Web Design with Smarter SEO


The use of smartphones and devices is growing day by day that has influenced businesses and organizations to develop smart-device friendly websites and mobile applications. Developing a responsive website is not only the need of the time but it is equally necessary to give potential customers, a high user experience. Apart from other benefits, SEO can be carried out effectively with the help of a responsive website. Following are the SEO benefits of a responsive website;

• Among all search engines currently present, Google is the best of all that is used all over the world for web search purpose. The businesses these days require their websites to become visible on Google search pages that also make their customers to know about them and come closer to what they are selling. It is highly recommended by Google to develop a responsive website for a business instead of developing several versions because then the chances of being on front pages are significantly reduced.

• Not having a responsive website means that a business has two different versions of websites for desktop and mobile users. Different website versions increase the risk of content duplicity that is not at all advisable according to Google.

• Having a responsive website decreases the content duplicity risks, thus helping in building stronger links.

• A bad experience on a non-responsive website makes the smartphone users switch to another website. Not wanting this, one should opt for responsive websites as they help to reduce the bounce rate and help to generate more customers.

• Excessive loading time of a web page can be one of the most important factors which can be the reason of losing real and potential customers. Responsive websites efficiently help in reducing the loading time of the webpages so that it should not become a barrier in generating potential customers.

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