Best Web Development Stacks To Try In 2020

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Best Web Development Stacks To Try In 2020


Web Development Stacks To Try In 2020

In this article we will discuss Web development stacks and what web development stacks to try in 2020.  So the question is what is web development stacks? A Web stack is the set of software that is needed for Web development especially for developing web applications and implementing websites. Web development stacks are very important components for web applications and websites for performing specific tasks.A web stack is also known as a web application stack.

Most Popular Web Development Stacks:

Web development is a vast field with different frameworks and libraries increasing every other day. Best Web Stack 2020 It can be difficult to keep track of upcoming trends. While the frameworks and libraries of web development stacks are less fleeting. Web development stacks are composed of multiple languages that run everything from frontend to trending backend technologies, databases to server and administration to rendering the website. Many startups invent their own stacks that are based on engineer-specific knowledge as compared to other specific compatibility. We all know startup’s needs change especially when the company expands and its web development stacks may change based on their needs.

Popular Web Development Stacks:

Here is the list of top web development stacks 2020 developers should familiarize themselves with this year.

1. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

LAMP is one of the top listed development stacks because it’s stayed strong since it gained dominance around the year 2000. It’s a popular software application stacks because it is a free and open source. Moreover, it’s easy to customize, you can make changes without owing anybody anything. If we talk about its component, every single component of LAMP is the best of its field. As we all know Linux is the best operating system for web development. A lot of websites are run on Apache, a free and open-source program that hosts servers. MySQL is also a popular database because of its legacy. The majority of the web continues to use LAMP today because it has strong community support and It’s a proven method for hosting websites.

2. MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) 

MEAN is also a popular web development stack and technically there’s only one language to learn and other things totally consists of libraries and frameworks.This web development stack is entirely of JavaScript often abbreviated as JS. Frontend developers are also familiar with JavaScript while learning the backend is a breeze compared to other web stacks.  MEAN also helps communication between frontend and backend developers. MEAN totally uses JavaScript which allows it to be incredibly fast and easy to scale.

If we do web stacks comparison,MEAN isn’t as stable as LAMP because it’s new. Therefore, It doesn’t have a large community to provide support than other stacks.

3.Full Stack

Full stack is another popular web development stack that is used for different reasons because setup of modern data has turned completely digitized and there is a need for such developers in various designations. A full stack developer can deal with are Front-end and Back end development for the designing of the website. The development technique implementation like atomization, deployment, application, and optimization comes into the job role of the full stack developers. Full stack is a web development stack, so the developer is skilled in the operation procedure of website development and makes sure that it works completely and continuously.

Full Stack Web Development Frameworks 2020


Angular is a front-end framework that is based on Javascript. Google has developed and maintained Angular. Angular used for the development and testing of Single page applications.It has a framework for MVC and MVVM architectures and It is also the front-end part of the MEAN stack.


MeteorJS is a web framework which is based on javascript which is free and open source. Meteor is written by using node.js. Meteor uses its template engine Blaze or can be integrated with react and angular for client-end operations.


Django is a web framework which is written in Python. It has MTV architecture and it’s open source.Django software foundation has developed and maintained. It is used to simplify the creation of complex web sites that are data driven.

Mean Stack vs Full stack:

Full Stack MEAN Stack
Full Stack relates to developer rather than an acronym of any web presence. Mean Stack is mainly used for app development and it is an acronym for the web presentation.
Full stack developers can deal with both front end and back end development. Mean Stack can provide multiple benefits to the app developing company.
There are a number of job opportunities for the Full stack developers. The developers can use multiple aspects of the JavaScript of Mean Stack.
Full Stack developers have to learn BFS study. Mean Stack development incorporates the BFS study.

Web Development Technologies 2020

Here is the list of  Web Development Technologies 2020:

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

2. Artificial Intelligence and Bots.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

4. Single Page Application (SPA)

5. Voice Search Optimization.

6. Motion UI.

7. Automation Testing.

8. JavaScript Frameworks

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